Parts & Accessories from Orange Volkswagen

Why Choose Genuine Parts from Orange Volkswagen?

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, Accessories, Lubricants and Chemicals are specifically designed for Volkswagen vehicles. There are nearly 300,000 different Volkswagen Genuine Parts® products.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, Lubricants, Chemicals and Accessories also provide you with peace of mind as they are covered by our two year nation-wide warranty. Look for the Volkswagen logo for your symbol of quality. With Genuine Parts, you can enjoy faster repair times and optimal performance.

Always insist on Genuine Volkswagen Replacement Parts, Lubricants, Chemicals and Accessories.

Please call us directly on (02) 6393 4617 or simply order parts online and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Every single one of these parts is of the utmost importance to us, because the know-how that goes into them has led us to become one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers, and to keep growing day by day.

- Orange Volkswagen

This, for instance, eliminates the possibility of damage to the vehicle’s paintwork, synthetics and rubber – or even worse, metal corrosion – that can result from using inappropriate coolant additives or windscreen washer fluids.

Furthermore, you benefit from the latest technical advancements in current Volkswagen production vehicles, since they are also applied to Genuine Parts products, as well.

Even in terms of price, Genuine Parts products are ultimately the better choice, when the overall costs of a vehicle’s entire service life are taken into account. In other words, by opting for Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, you can never go wrong.

They are high quality and reliable - just like your Volkswagen.

How you benefit

Volkswagen Genuine Parts® embody the expertise and competence of the Volkswagen brand and offer unique advantages to those who drive Volkswagen vehicles:

  • Current production engineering standards
  • The highest quality standards
  • Safety
  • Optimum accuracy of fit
  • Full range of nearly 300,000 Genuine Parts items for all Volkswagen models
  • Favorable value for money

Always Available

Global competition demands that innovation cycles become ever shorter, that model carousels turn ever faster, and that numbers of model and equipment variants increase year after year.

This has caused our Genuine Parts range to grow at an explosive rate.

We therefore make every effort to ensure that every single Genuine Parts product is always available for every Volkswagen vehicle.

Even if that vehicle is getting on in years.

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